Blog  An Update On Our NEW Junior Camper Village

An Update On Our NEW Junior Camper Village

Hey Camp George!

I’m thrilled to be sharing a formal update on the progress of our NEW camper village! As well, I am excited to bring you this update from Sandi Smith – our newly appointed Vice Chair of the Steering Committee.  Sandi’s commitment to camp and devotion are unparalleled.  Read on to hear Sandi reflect on her involvement with Camp George over the years, as she gives us the scoop on the BRAND NEW Junior Camper Village.

Looking forward to lights out programs in the new cabin!

–          Jane HK

How did you become involved with Camp George’s Steering Committee?

I became involved with Camp George in 2000 when I joined the Event Committee, which is one of the Steering Committee’s sub-committees. I wanted to be involved at Camp George, because I had once overheard on Visitor’s day some parents discussing what a great Shabbat they had spent at Camp, because of their roles as camp ambassadors. I knew I wanted to experience a Shabbat at camp and quickly became involved in a sub-committee.

In August, you were installed as Vice Chair of the Steering Committee! Mazel Tov! What led you to taking on the role as Vice Chair of the Steering Committee?

It was a natural progression for me to become the Vice Chair of the Steering Committee. During previous year when I chaired the Strategic Planning Committee, I became very familiar with all the aspects of camp.

In working on the Strategic Plan, we reviewed: programming, staffing, facilities, alumni, survey research, mission and vision, and recruitment. I had an opportunity to both listen to the professional camp staff and also the community in dealing with all the aspects of camp. What I also really enjoy is working with so many great people, both camping professionals and lay leaders. The lay leaders who are on the Steering Committee have so much of offer and all are very passionate about camp.

I also considered the position because my sons are still actively engaged at camp and I know what a great place it is to spend some time during the summer.

In your new role as Vice Chair, what projects are you most looking forward to undertaking?

During my role as Vice Chair, I hope to recruit more ‘camp people’ to participate on the various sub-committees at camp. I would like to see more people, who are passionate about camp, actively participating in camp and supporting the work of the professional staff.

I also look forward to participating in physically growing our camp, whether it would be participating in fund development for our new facilities or advising on the construction of the new facilities.

How/ why did you become involved with the NEW Junior Camper Village Project?

During my involvement at Camp, one of the camp’s goals has been to get campers out of the Red dormitory buildings and into new cabins. As an architect, I know how important it is for the camp to build these new cabins and give all campers the chance to experience living in a cabin. The cabins will foster a comfortable and supportive environment for the youngest campers.

What steps were taken to prepare for building the NEW Junior Camper Village?

The building of the Junior Camper Village started with creating a Master Plan for the entire camp. The Master Plan describes the vision for the Camper villages, where each village is set up for one group and the cabins are grouped together to create the community. The camp has been fundraising for the last 6 years to raise enough funds before the shovel could hit the ground. Jeff Rose, Director, hired a local architect, Lloyd Hunt, to provide the design and construction documents for the cabins.  Now with the building permit in hand the camp is ready to clear the land and begin construction before the winter.

Jane HK adds: For an inside look at the construction process, be sure to check our Facebook album – “The NEW Jr. Camper Village.”

What kind of village can our camp community look forward to seeing, and when?

For summer 2013, we can confirm that one building with two adjoining self-contained cabins will be finished and ready for campers to move in.  The long-term plan for this new camper village includes a series of three each with two self-contained cabins.  These new buildings (double-cabins, if you will) have an adjoining room for specialized counselors.  The buildings have a covered porch entrance, gabled roofs and wood siding. The cabins are similar in appearance to the existing cabins and will complement the existing surroundings.

What has been the most exciting part of being involved with this project?

What is truly exciting about this project is actually seeing the construction underway and knowing that next summer, campers will be calling the new cabins their summer home. Camp George has been dreaming, planning and fundraising for this project and it is very exciting to see this dream become a reality.


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