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A Reflection On My C.I.T. Experience

Hey Camp George!

On the third to last night of camp, a group of C.I.T.’s sat down to write about their reflections on this summer, that share an inside look on the overall experience of the C.I.T. summer.

Previously, we shared reflections by Rachel, Justin, and Sophie. In today’s blog, we’re sharing Samantha and Jenni’s reflections.

-With gratitude to our C.I.T.’s

Jane HK

Jenni (left) and Samantha (right) at camp on Shabbat.

In Sam’s words:

There are a whole ton of things I could write about, but I’ll only pick a couple:

1) Maccabiah was incredible. Like everything about it. First off, I can honestly say I did not expect to be a captain. When you guys came up and told me, I was honestly in shock. I was super happy though, especially since I love my co-captains. Isaac’s great, Joe’s hilarious, Hannah’s awesome, and together they were a party and I loved it.

I love the relationships I have with them now – I smile and wave at Joe, talk to Hannah, and me and Isaac are even closer than we were before. Maccabiah went amazing though, and I heard from Kochavim and Barak campers that this was one of the best they’ve ever had. (Obviously Nitzotzot and Lehavot loved it!) I’m pretty proud that I helped with at least a little bit of it.

2) I’ve decided that I love every one of the C.I.T.’s (and all the staff of course). Yesterday on the morning on the river in the canoe, as I watched everyone paddling and laughing and talking, I realized how much I’m gonna miss every single one of these people. Fair warning: I’m not a crier so if I don’t cry on the last day, don’t be fooled – I’ll be the most upset I’ve been in a REALLY long time.

Alright I’m falling asleep so I’m gonna go.

I love you!

Love, Sam


In Jenni’s words:

I don’t think it’s possible to explain how amazing this summer has been. Every moment, everything, from the people I’ve gotten so close with, to my placements, to my staff, to every evening program, the list never ends! Firstly, I don’t think that I could have asked for a better cabin. They are all such great people and I love them all. But it’s not just them who made my summer so good. Every person in this unit has made an impact on my summer and I think of this group of people as my second family.

I also enjoyed all of my placements! My specialty areas were all things I love and my cabins have been so wonderful. J In terms of the staff, each C.I.T. staff is awesome, and I’m so happy to have them here. I trust them all and they’re each so fun and hilarious in their own way. I’m gonna miss everyone so much.

Last night I did a lights out program for N2. Not only was this my first lights out, but it was in the first cabin I ever lived in..and I sat on the same bed I slept in. As I sat there singing to them with my guitar, including “House At Pooh Corner”, and the “Saslove Shema” (the two songs my counselors used to sing to me every night as a camper), I realized I’ve now made the full circle. I used to be them, and next year I’ll be their staff. It just boggled my mind how that happens..and it makes me happy that I get to pass these things on and make an impact on these campers.  It also makes me sad that my summers as a camper are basically over, but I’m turning over a new leaf and there’s nothing I can do about it.

But anyway, regarding everything else, each program and activity has been so much fun and I am so grateful for everything. Maccabiah was incredible, C.I.T. trip was great, prom, and I could go on for ages. And not only those things, but in general I have accomplished sooo much this summer and done so many amazing things I will never forget. This summer has honestly been one of the best of my life and I’m incredibly happy I got to spend it at a place like this.

I know that when I look back at this summer, there may be some things I regret, some things I’ll be so happy I did, and some I wish I could relive…but I’ll mostly look back and be happy it happened. I just hope that next summer I’ll get to come back and use everything I learned from this year…and have a summer just as amazing as this one…or better. CITwelve I love you all and I always will!


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