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10 Reasons Why I Love Camp!

Hey Camp George!

While camp was still in session, I asked for submissions from our campers about why they love camp. In today’s blog, Sierra, a Lehavot camper (who was new to camp this summer!), is sharing her top 10 reasons of why she loves camp! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Sierra!

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Loving camp in as many ways as Sierra,

– Jane HK


Sierra (center) showing her family around camp on Visitor’s Day.

10. You are around nature

9. You get a Jewish education

8. You go on an overnight (its fun!)

7. The counselors are very nice

6. The food is delicious!

5. You get to make your own decisions

4. You get to try new things

3. I get to sleep in a cabin with a bunch of other girls

2. I get to meet new friends!

And the #1 reason is…
1. I get to be away from home (sorry Mom and Dad!)


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