Blog  A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

A Reflection On My First Year As Staff

Hey Camp George!

Each summer, our senior staff (two or more years on staff) have the pleasure of watching our junior staff (first year staff) join the team and grow into amazing leaders. While we know that all our staff learn a lot and develop many new skills, this is especially true of our first year staff. Wanting to share an inside look into what it’s like to be a first year staff member, I spoke with ten first year staff members to get their reflections on their first summer as staff.

In the last reflection we heard from Jack Iwrey – a Sail Specialist, and before that, Esty Fisher a Nitzotzot counselor. Today, Jen Cooper a Nitzotzot counselor (and my former camper!) is sharing her reflection on growing up at camp and working with the youngest campers on camp. This is our third look into the life of a first year staff member.

Proud of what all our first year staff accomplished!

– Jane HK

In Jen’s words:

Jen (middle), with her co-staff Rebekah (left) and Sophie (right).

I just completed my first year as staff and I can’t wait to come back next year! I was a counselor in Nitzotzot both sessions and boy were they cute! Coincidentally, my very first summer as a wonder week Nitzotzot camper I lived in the same room in the red dorms that I was living in this past summer during my first year as staff. Talk about coming full circle!

Being a staff member at Camp George was one of the most rewarding experiences. Because I had the youngest campers on camp, it was up to me and my co-staff to show all these new campers the ropes of Camp George. One valuable skill that I gained from this experience was learning how to put the camper’s needs ahead of my own. I was no longer the only person that I had to take care of and I had to make sure all of the campers were well looked after. Of course, all of their hats, water bottles, and sunscreen application became a huge part of my daily routine.

After being with the girls of Nitzotzot for a month, we really became like family. One of the most rewarding moments of the summer was seeing every girl in our cabin get up on water skis! It was truly an incredible feeling to see our girls succeed at something they all loved.

It was great to be a part of our youngest campers’ first Camp George experience, and I can’t wait to be a part of many other campers’ experiences for years to come.

Jen with her First Session Cabin - N2.


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