Blog  N3’s Shabbat Walk; An Evening of Goal Setting and Cabin Bonding

N3’s Shabbat Walk; An Evening of Goal Setting and Cabin Bonding

Hey Camp George!

Writing goals on the leaves

Each week, after Saturday night dinner, our cabins spread out over camp and participate in cabin programming designed by the cabin staff. Up here on Maple Lake, this is what we call the “Shabbat Walk.” The purpose of Shabbat Walks is to give our cabins a specific opportunity to bond, reflect on the week, and set goals for the week to come. Over the years I have participated in many truly special Shabbat Walks, and one of the ones I saw this week was so special, that I knew I had to share it with you!


The N3 staff planned a Shabbat Walk to build trust and set goals. The program began with a guided trust walk – the campers were split into small groups of three or four. Each small group was blindfolded and then guided by a staff member. The groups walked slowly and carefully, to venture to a secret location!

Once in the secret location, campers were told to remove their blindfolds and to sit for a few moments quietly and enjoy and appreciate their surroundings. Isaac, one of their counselors said, “How lucky we are to be in this place, to spend our summer in such a beautiful location is so lucky, this is why camp is here.” Seeing a group of eight-year-old boys take these instructions to heart was really amazing, and showed me how much they admire their staff members.

Floating the leaves into the lake to symbolize setting the goals.

Next, each camper was given a leaf and a marker and told to write a goal on the leaf. Lastly, the staff members took the leaves and floated them into the lake to symbolize setting the goals.

Seeing the success of this program – the dedication of our staff, the participation of our campers, and the bond of this cabin only two days into camp — is a reminder to us all of the effect that camp has.


For an inside look at this Shabbat Walk, click here!

– Can’t wait to see what other Shabbat Walks are in store!

Jane HK
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