Camp George Goes to the Maccabi Games

Hey Camp George!

We’re very excited to have four Camp George representatives going to the Maccabi Games this summer! Attending will be: Jade a 2012 Barak camper, Adam Anshan (2012 Barak Assistant Unit Head), alumnus Matt Dolgin,  and Josh Viner (2012 Camp Driver). Check out my interview with them below, where they share more information on what sports they will be competing in and even share some tips!

–          Can’t wait to hear more updates on our athletes!

Jane HK


Jane HK: What sport will you be competing in?

Jade: Swimming.

Adam: Rugby.

Matt: Table Tennis.

Josh: Table Tennis.


Jade competing at a Swim meet at home.

Jade competing at a Swim meet at home.

Jane HK: How long have you been playing this sport?

Jade: About 3.5 years.

Adam: I’ve been playing for 6 years.

Matt: I have been playing Table Tennis all my life. The two places I play are on my table in my basement and at the table at Camp George.

Josh: I’ve been playing on and off for 10 years.


Matt (second from left) with his family at camp.

Matt (second from left) with his family at camp.

Jane HK: What are you most looking forward to?

Jade: I’m most looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends, and enjoying being with other Jewish athletes from around the world.

Adam: Competing at a higher level of rugby than I’ve ever played before.

Matt: I’m most looking forward to the opportunity that I’m going to have to represent my country as a Jewish competitor.

Josh: Representing Canada and competing against athletes from around the world.


Josh Viner


Jane HK: What tips can you offer to your fellow athletes?

Jade: Be sure to work hard, have fun with your sport, and push yourself to reach your goal.

Adam: You’ve got to work hard and really enjoy the game you’re playing.

Matt: Train hard and expect the unexpected. It will be a fulfilling experience, but hard work as well.

Josh: You’ll be rewarded for hard work and respect your teammates and competitors.


Adam Anshan (center) playing Rugby at university.

Adam Anshan (center) playing Rugby at university.

Jane HK: What Camp George values/ lessons will you bring to the games with you?

Jade: From Camp George I will bring my enthusiasm and the amazing camp traditions!

Adam: Enthusiasm and good sportsmanship, no sport is complete without these values.

Matt: My first staff week that I spent at Camp George really taught me to be ready for anything, which is very important when playing against unknown competitors. I also found that my time at Camp George really reinforced that I should be proud of every aspect of who I am. This is why I am glad to be going not only as a competitor, but as a Jewish competitor.

Josh: The importance of team work which I gained through living with bunkmates in Lakeside, by working with staff at the Ski docks, and playing in many rounds of George Ball. These situations all required a serious amount of team work in order to be successful and have fun.


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