Blog  Name That Tune! A Month of Camp George Trivia!

Name That Tune! A Month of Camp George Trivia!

Hey Camp George!

Here’s your chance to check out all of the questions and answers to “Name That Tune”! Get together with your camp BFF’s and see who is the ultimate song trivia master!  Questions are at the top and answers are at the bottom! Don’t forget to check out this month’s game “Fill In The Blank”! Follow us on Twitter @URJ Camp George!


  1. Name That Tune! “Menta, shocolad, banana”
  2. Name That Tune! “When I reach out to you and you to me”
  3. Name That Tune! “And the seasons they go round and round”
  4. Name That Tune! “Veha’ikar – veha’ikar lo lefached klal.”
  5. Name That Tune! “If you could see that I’m the one who understands you.”
  6. Name That Tune! “For our hands are strong, and our hearts are young.”
  7. Name That Tune! “If you are atem then we’re n’tza vim”
  8. Name That Tune! “You can call on me brother when you need a hand, we all need somebody…”
  9. Name That Tune! “And not by power but by spirit alone RUACH!”
  10. Name That Tune! “If I had a song, I’d sing it in the morning. I’d sing it in the evening…”
  11. Name That Tune! “Od yavo shalom aleinu”
  12. Name That Tune! “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes.”
  13. Name That Tune! “It rained and it poured for forty daysie, daysies.”
  14. Name That Tune! “It is a tree of life to them who hold fast to it”
  15. Name That Tune! “Chug chug chug chug”
  16. Name That Tune! “Fish and chips and vinegar. Pepper, pepper, pepper, salt.”
  17. Name That Tune! “May you, may you always try to inspire.”
  18. Name That Tune! “So don’t repeat it just delete it our advice if you should need it”
  19. Name That Tune! “Shenatan lanu hizdamnut l’takein et ha-olam.”


  1. Answer: The tune is “Artik”. Who wants ice cream now?
  2. Answer: The tune is “B’Tzelem Elohim”… yeeeaaaah!
  3. Answer: The tune is “Circle Game” …and the painted ponies go up and down
  4. Answer: The tune is “Gesher Tzar Me’od”. Who else loves jumping during the “Me’od” part at super spesh song sesh?
  5. Answer: The tune is “You Belong With Me”. Who else loves Taylor Swift dance parties? If you do, you belong at Camp George!
  6. The tune is “Dreamer”. And a dreamer keeps on dreamin’ ages on, keeps a dreamin’…
  7. Answer: The tune is “Kehilah Kedosha”. Who else can’t wait to be back in the Camp George kehilah this summer?
  8. Answer: The tune is “Lean On Me.” Who else wishes they were leaning with their friends around the campfire?
  9. Answer: The tune is “Not By Might”. Who else is feeling mighty?
  10. Answer: The tune is “If I Had A Hammer.” Who else gets this song stuck in their head? If I had a hammer…
  11. Answer: The tune is “Salaam”. Bonus points to those who already know what 2 languages it’s written in! (Hebrew and Arabic)
  12. Answer: The tune is “Dynamite”. Who else wants to throw their hands up in the air?
  13. Answer: The tune is “Rise and Shine”. There’s nothing like singing this in the Chadar to get us to rise and shine for fun filled camp days!

    Dan Nichols singing "L'takein" while visting Camp George!

  14. Answer: The tune is “Tree Of Life (Etz Chayim Hi)”. Bonus points to those who know the Hebrew lyrics “Etz chayim hi lamachazikim ba…”
  15. The tune is “Hinei Rakevet”. Who else is excited to chug around the Chadar this summer?
  16. Answer: The tune is “Bottle Pop”. Who else is hungry for fish and chips now?!
  17. Answer: The tune is “Ufaratzta.” And even better, it’s written by our very own Dean of Jewish Living – Noam Katz!
  18. Answer: The tune is “Lashon Hara” Remember to only say nice things! 
  19. Answer: The tune is “L’Takein” (Na Na Song). Who else remembers when its writer, Dan Nichols, came to camp?


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